Icarus (draft 1​.​0)

by Timothy Wenzel



Stepping off the temple wall,
Before you fly you have to fall...


When the sun reveals the day
When the rain has washed away
The tears, the fears, the blackest years
The light of love will reappear

We learned to love as days passed by
And soon our love had learned to fly
But when our wingtips touched the sun
We fell to earth as lovers one

Lost by the father, found by the son
Consecrated by the Holy One
On hallowed altars, in halls of light
There we will strengthen our wings tonight


Sworn by the gods to overcome
The failings of the Lesser Ones
To rise again, unfettered fly
With wings of gossamer, touch the sky

Stepping off the temple wall:
Before you fly you have to fall
Then climbing high, we’ll find the way
Our love will melt the sun that day.


released December 17, 2013
artwork: Timothy Wenzel



all rights reserved


Timothy Wenzel Midland, Michigan

Timothy Wenzel writes and plays melodic songs in a broad, original style comprising New Age/Celtic instrumental fusion.
RJ Lannan, ZMR: "Mountains Take Wing, is twelve tracks of Nordic/Celtic music that allows the listeners to climb to the apex, take the cold chill of despair away and allows our minds to journey far and beyond the limits of the physical.
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