Dance of the Dead

by Timothy Wenzel



Barren barrows strewn with ruins
Ancient stones with ancient runes
Borne on the wind, a wisp of song
A luminous glow, hours before dawn

Tonight I will go
And follow this sound
Slowly I'll tread
'Cross this hallowed ground

I fear what will be...
a feeling of dread...
That tonight I will see
The Dance of the Dead


On and on they sing their song
Dance their dance the dark night long
On and on 'til the Goddess of Dawn
Gilds the night - and then they are gone

Hand in hand, they weave, they dance,
A siren's song, a ghostly trance
A last loving glance at the hour of dawn
The night has past, and now they are gone

Have you seen the perfect smile
The perfect love, the perfect child?
And have you seen it fade away
Like fields of fog on a cold winter day?

And if I leave this world tonight
Forgive me love, I'm doing what's right
They've lifted my life from darkness to light
They've wrested my soul and restored my sight

And on and on, we'll sing our song...


released December 2, 2016
spoken word: Vicki Smith (New Zealand)
poem and lyrics: Wenzel



all rights reserved


Timothy Wenzel Midland, Michigan

Timothy Wenzel writes and plays melodic songs in a broad, original style comprising New Age/Celtic instrumental fusion.
RJ Lannan, ZMR: "Mountains Take Wing, is twelve tracks of Nordic/Celtic music that allows the listeners to climb to the apex, take the cold chill of despair away and allows our minds to journey far and beyond the limits of the physical.
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